Samsung Smart Things for Home Appliances and for Smartphones

“Samsung Smart Things” new step by Samsung for Home Appliances

samsung smart things

Samsung Acquire Home Automation Company about $200

million – Reports

Samsung focuses on the integration of building technology and takes the young American start-up Samsung Smart Things a specialist in smart home technology and the Internet of Things. Post a buying price is called the South Korean company did not, prior to the announcement of the takeover talk was of negotiations for a purchase price of 200 million dollars have been.

Samsung Smart Things has developed a software for smartphones, can control connected devices with the user. In the wake of the takeover by Samsung, the start-up will relocate its headquarters from Washington to Palo Alto in California and be part of the Samsung Open Innovation Center.

The networking of consumer home and electronic appliances via the Internet is available for Samsung in Germany an important future market Here is the latest acquisition of smart things a step further, to provide people more convenience and new opportunities in everyday life –“.

Especially in the field of building security and the efficient use of energy, “commented Hans Wienands, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics GmbH, the takeover.

What is the Internet of Things?

Have you ever seen a futuristic movie where a house had a smart TV, a smart blender, a smart remote control or a smart vacuum cleaner? If you did, then you know what is the internet of things.

samsung smart things

By now we are used to our cell and perhaps our TV are smart (smart phones and smart TV); that is, they are connected to the Internet and have multiple beneficial functions including artificial intelligence.

Samsung bought Smart Things so that both can drive innovation in the world of connected devices and revolutionary technology. “We want to improve the services and convenience in the life of people to give their devices and appliances a voice so they can easily get interaction,” said by Eun.

Samsung Smart Things

The company, launched in 2012, allows people to monitor and control their devices or appliances in the home through mobile applications (smartphones). Currently supports more than 1,000 devices from companies such as Belkin, Philips Sonos or in addition to 8000 apps.

samsung smart things

Google and Apple to invest in the business with the remote control of room lighting, heaters and other electronic devices in the home by mobile phone.

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