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Microsoft introduces new Cyan Update for Lumia Devices

cyan update for lumia

Microsoft introduces Cyan update by releasing Windows

Phone 8.1 – Specific to Lumia devices

Lumia devices are about to get a new upgrade called Cyan update for lumia with newly designed Tiles layout feature as well as improved Camera aspect. This news came out earlier today when the Microsoft officially announced the distribution of their new Windows Phone 8.1 to all the Lumia manufactures as this particular update will only be limited to Lumia family.

Cyan Update For Lumia Devices..!

cyan update

Presently Microsoft’s Mobile Operating system stands third in the row after the likes of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. The company is trying every bit to rise up the game in the smart phone segment by releasing different software refreshes every moment or so which appears to be a good call that could help the Microsoft in rolling out more products depending on their consumer interests.

That is Microsoft has given a little bit of update to its existing Mobile software by rolling out Cyan update for lumia. The upgrade includes plenty of new eye candies as well as improved features such as new column for Live Tile Layout, additional camera functionalities, a new Word Flow called Keyboard, Notification center and ease of access features.

New Live Title Column..!

It has been added to let users aware of live updates regarding their social activity as well as new castings. Now Lumia users can make customize their front layout but adding unique custom made tiles by themselves. Camera has been refreshed with improved auto-focus ability and comes with more intense zoom in resolution.

The camera app has also been made easy for the users to access its feature with the simple camera UI that enables them to personalize the camera setting according to their needs. The camera has been specially improved for the devices like Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520, and Lumia 930 to provide them with improved color experience.

World Flow Keyboard..!

      It shows its own magic through which users can swipe across alphabet letters to type words efficiently. It works on the principle of Google’s Swipe Keyboard though. Last but not least it includes a new Motion Data App that actually stores the motion of user in the form of data to make it compatible with different health native apps such as Bing Health and Active Fitness.

The Cyan update for lumia is out today as confirmed by the Microsoft twitter page. We hope this new update proves to be an improvement for the company as well as increasing the consumers experience to its fullest. Cyan update for lumia will also be available to Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the coming weeks.

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